early 2000s or bust

I try to post everyday, but I probably won't post today because it's Christmas!! Sowwy folks

An Anonymous user asked:

Are you cool with adults interacting?

Yeah it's chill!!

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kiara asked:

Thanks for this blog!

no problemo!! I'm happy to be the #1 kidcore poster on this site, and I swear I'll start posting my own images once I get my phone back

still cant get over the fact that I have the kidcore url

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Hewwo!!! I just realized that I never made an intro post on this blog!! I'm Scott and this is my kidcore sideblog!! I'm 17 and my pronouns are he/him!! This blog is mostly for aesthetic, since I don't age regress that much, but when I do it's completely sfw and not gross at all (unlike some people) because I do it to cope with having a shit childhood!! I was born in 2001 and, face it y'all, 2001-2013 was probably the best time to be alive in the history of the world...

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